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S trap

Michael Carson

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I have a client that is selling his home in another state and moving here. His buyer's inspector called out the S-Trap below. My client wants to know if it is something worth fighting. He writes "my understanding is if they have a trap arm length greater than 2 pipe diameters between the p-trap and vertical limb, then they really aren't S traps. The pipe diameter in the p-trap is 1.5 inches. The length of the trap arm is 3.5 inches. I believe the other inspector is right in that it is an S trap and should be fixed and what the client is talking about is trap arm lengths to vent. I just need some clarification/feedback before I answer.


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We can't tell from that pic if it is an S or not. The trap arm length references the distance to the vent, so if the arrow in the pic points to a Tee then it is a P trap and Randy is correct, but if it's an Ell then the buyer's HI is correct. Either way it's wrong.

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Your client should be glad they only want the trap fixed. I'd want the hole in the wall repaired as well.


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