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As I know, Asbestos is a collection of six naturally occurring silicate minerals which are exploited commercially for their desirable physical properties and Asbestos is a group of minerals with long, thin fibers. It was once used widely as insulation.So,it can be used for several physical aspects.


Dental Health

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I'll never understand the fascination people have with asbestos in old buildings.

The amount of asbestos one is probably exposed to during one's lifetime in old buildings is probably a tiny tiny percentage of the asbestos one gets exposed to over one's lifetime driving down the interstate, walking through the park or spending a couple of hours having dinner with some friends in a house with fraying asbestos containing tape sealing the ducts to their boots. It takes about a quarter of a century for it to metasticize and does anyone really think he or she hasn't already been exposed to it someplace in one's lifetime?

Hell, I can understand the concern if one has a newborn; but, unless you put a hepa filter mask on that kid and he grows up breathing nothing but filtered air for his entire life, he'll probably be exposed to asbestos in the air within two miles of home the first time he or she is strapped into that kiddy seat and the parents drive down the street with the windows of the car open.

The horse has already bolted folks; closing the barn door now isn't going to keep him in.



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