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Termite Sculptures

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Found both of these in today's crawlspace. These little guys seemed pretty determined to build. The old stake in the first pic is actually several inches from the foundation. The 2nd pic is of an area in the middle of the floor, on top of a vapor barrier, and that's a 1" copper water line you see. No wood or any other vertical surface anywhere near.

I'm wondering why all the tubes in both "structures" pretty much lean the same way.

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Amazing pics, thanks, Kevin!

Which way is north in those pics?

If you shot those pics from the other side, they'd all be left-handed. [:)]

I'm thinking they follow the smell of musty wood.

For what it's worth, the tubes almost all leaned to the west. Either it was a game of follow the leader or there was something else at work. I dunno.
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