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Goodman GSM Manual?

Jim Katen

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Thanks, but I've already got that one.

This furnace had no interlock switch. Try as I might, I couldn't find where one had ever been mounted nor could I find the wires that might have been connected to it. It looked as if it came from the factory without one. I was hoping to find a diagram of where the switch was supposed to have been located.

It also had a crack in the front coil cover -- I've never seen that before. But then I've never seen a plastic heat exchanger collector box either.

Then, the installer terminated the combustion air intake opening facing straight up. I could pour whatever I wanted into the opening, right onto the burners. Or I could set a cup of coffee on top of it and cut off the combustion air.

This furnace took me more than an hour to inspect because, after my initial once over, the sucker refused to start. I was sure that I had knocked a wire loose so I went over it from top to bottom. Afterward, I discovered the *second* service switch -- a regular snap switch on the opposite wall of the garage. Grrrr!

I don't hate Goodman furnaces but I do hate the people who install them.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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Try: http://www.dnmech.com/lit/io-176.pdf

Jeff Euriech

Peoria Arizona

Download Attachment: icon_adobe.gif Goodman Furnace Install GSM io-176.pdf

380.81 KB

I believe that's it. Thanks very much. How did you find it?

Unfortunately, on page 7-8, it shows the combustion air intake, above the burners, pointing straight up. What a silly detail.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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