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Service Disconnects


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I'm not aware of any code restriction on that except that the single pole voltage drop to the furthest load is not allowed to be more than 3% and the total 2 pole drop is limited to 5%. This is from the 08' NEC.

In my area, the AHJ doesn't allow it to be more than 6'.


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That is going to be a regional thing, and likely different for residential and commercial buildings. In my area on a residential building the SEC is only allowed to run 6' on the interior but it often runs halfway around the house outside. Two hours north of me they keep the exterior runs short and allow the cable to run all over the interior before the disconnect. After 15 years in this trade you should have an incling what the basic requirements are in your area, talk to your local AHJ.


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The length of unfused conductors or cables inside the building need to be "as short as practical" to satisfy the NEC. Outside there is no limit.

Some areas commonly allow 5-6'.

Both references to voltage drop in 210.19 and 215.2 are FPN's, (Fine Print Notes) and are not enforceable.

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