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mold removal from leather


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I have my leather couches in storage. There was a leak in there and now they have mold on them. Can they be saved. They've had mold since April of 2009. We are moving into an apt soon and I do not know if this is a health hazard if we cleaned them. Can they be cleaned and with what? Will the mold grow back?[:-monkeyd

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Methinks Jim just showed John another aspect of how sowing links uninvited can turn around and bite you. Now that google's bot and other bots have crawled this site, those links are going to show up whenever someone searches for "Mold Removal."

Play with fire, you get burnt.



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Nope searching for "Mold Removal" does't bring us up on the top of the search but... in one day and any search for "moldremoval.org scam" or "moldremoval.org cheat" brings up this thread as number one on Google. Top of page two when searching for just "moldremoval.org" or "mold removal from leather".

Sure hope they are nice and link back? [:-monkeyd


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Forgive me I am unfamiliar with bots. Are you telling me that if words like federal indictment used at the same sentence with www.moldremoval.org the bots will collect and associate the words with www.moldremoval.org? That could be very problematic for someone who owns www.moldremoval.org in as much as someone could be discussing something like wire fraud, theft, or unpaid child support. I think we should all think about thread drift when we respond to comments made by www.moldremoval.org if we use key words like bank fraud, federal prison, inmate, or fat men in high heels, the bots might collect this unintentional information and link it to www.moldremoval.org.

My next question is can the links be made from paragraphs (above) or do the comments have to be made in a format more like JK used?


www.moldremoval.org linked with human trafficking.

My computer has a key logger after visiting the www.moldremoval.org website.

www.moldremoval.org virus got past my Norton antivirus and destroyed my hard drive.

What happens if a posting of another link is used in the same sentence as the www.moldremoval.org link? Will the bots also collect information from those websites and make the same association?


www.moldremoval.org visited the UN in support of http://articles.cnn.com/2010-09-24/poli ... M:POLITICS.

www.moldremoval.org Mold remediation company fraud news story http://www.ctpost.com/default/article/M ... 106255.php.

Thanks for helping me understand this technology thing.


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I have a problem with mold in my bathroom shower ceiling area. A number of events have occurred to enhance this situation: (1) water leak from pipes located above shower stall, (2) flat enamel paint used on the ceiling, and (3) bathroom being located in the basement.[:-magnify

(4) You live like a slob.

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