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Mark P

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I track a lot of numbers one of them being referral sources. I thought I’d share what these numbers look like for me. This is for the past 2.5 years. One comment on the referrals from realtors; this number is actually smaller, but since I don’t always quiz my client in depth on why they hired me I often list “realtorâ€

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I ask the right questions, but don't actually document it:

I'd guess my numbers are more like:

ASHI – 2% (that's about right)

Other – ?

Relocation Companies – 20% (yeah, the pay is lacking, but it's nice to work with reasonable folks that speak the language.

Unknown –

Brochure – zip. I haven't been in a Real Estate office in probably five or six years

BNI – nill

Internet / Web Page –15%

Previous Customers – 5% (That's a tough one, since most folks stay an average of five years. Many folks come back)

Sellers - 5% (Folks call and say I want you to inspect my new home the way you inspected the home I sold!)

Realtors – 53% (10% of that is probably FaceBook generated)

I honestly don't actively market (except via FaceBook where I just try to maintain a presence in the community) - relying solely on reputation. And, I suppose I'm slowly moving in the direction of a relaxed semi-retirement phase - just taking the work as it naturally comes in.

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Mine's pretty easy.

I think around 10% from presentations I give on various topics- old house stuff, lead paint, deck building etc.

Some 20-25% comes from my website.

Around 60% comes from past client referrals.

5% from professional acquaintances and relationships.

It used to be zero.zero percent from agents but this year I had two referrals. So agent referrals ~1%

I don't know where the others get my name.

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We used to keep very close track of our business stream. Do not have accurate figures for past several years, but do have a very good understanding where our business comes from.

Me, personally it is 99% past client and 1% ASHI.

The company figures would be:

15% agent referal

20% our website

5% ASHI website

20% courts and agency folks

40% past client

we do not market or advertise in real estate offices.

No yellow pages stuff

brochures only for classes we teach

maybe we get some from our unique business cards. they are expensive and been around for 25yrs

PS: The company did not have a listed phone number for more than ten years, before the web.

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I do keep track of my sources, it's pretty easy, I just ask clients where they heard about my company and list that on the order entry. It's important so that you can track your marketing dollars and adjust from year to year. A simple spread sheet with all of the client info, including the source lets me know at the end of the year where the clients are coming from. Also, keep track whether they use you or not, so that you know what is not working. Then you won't waste time or money on useless marketing.

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