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Seeking Info - Ack-O-Matic Boiler


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Hi All,

A friend send me a request for info. I recommended he stop in here and post but he hasn't done so yet; so I'm posting it for him. Maybe someone here has some answers.

Here's the gist:

Either embedded or attached, find two pictures of a boiler I, today, ran into. It's a normal boiler with an abnormal name. I cannot decipher the age of the unit from the boiler plate. It appears to be 1960's to very early 1970's vintage. Company is no longer in business or, if it is still producing, the CIA is keeping it a National Secret.

I'd like to know an better guess at its age and any known problems with this equipment, history of company, etc. BTW, the boiler was shut down and the only heat supplied to the house today was a 2.5 ton heat pump with NO aux. furnace...house was built in 1945...it was a wee bit chilly this morning (What the Hell happened to Spring anyway?). Understand the house couldn't have electric resistance elements for the aux. furnace because we already had an electric clothes dryer, electric water heater, a 16.0 amp RLA heat pump and four electric resistance, plus all of the standard 120 volt modern loads including multiple plasma tv's, halogen lights...all on 100 amp service.

I give you......The ACK-O-MATIC Boiler:

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41.64 KB

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51.31 KB

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I heard this cat named Bill manufactured it:


I love the name of the boiler, but then again I would.

The name plate looks like something produced in the 60's.


Dang ... you beat me to it. I was looking for an image of Bill the Cat to post. BTW - I have almost all the Bloom County books and more from years of collecting Berkeley Breathed's stuff.

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