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Water Heater Remote Control

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Although my question pertains to a water heater, the subject is more closely related to electrical. I would like to be able to turn power on and off remotely to an electric water heater in a vacation rental condo that I own. I have WiFi at the condo and I think there should be some kind of device that switches power when accessed online. I have gaps between renters where I would like to save on power consumption and it's too far away for me to switch off in person.

I searched online but I didn't find what I was looking for. Do any of you techie types know of such a WiFi receiver/switch that is relatively easy to install in the water heater's power supply?


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Sure. You have to have an interface in the home that receives your computer command and sends an RF signal (and the software on your remote PC). Then you install a control module on the circuit to the water heater. I know of at least one that is for 240V 30-AMP equipment.

You can get monitoring modules for water and freezing temps. You can also get control modules to operate lights, any plug-in device, HVAC and even motorized blinds. You can really screw with your tenants.

Try "Insteon", which I think is the name of an affordable system.

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I missed it too or I would have told you not to turn off the power to a water heater.

Once the elements are off and the water cools down it takes about two or three days for the chlorine in the water to become ineffective. At that point, bacteria in the water begins reacting with the anode rod and produces a byproduct - hydrogen sulfide gas. The gas will form a bubble in the top of the tank and when you turn on the hot water after someone moves in again the place will literally smell like someone took a shit on the floor for a couple of hours. Not a good way for renters to be introduced to their new home or the landlord.



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Hi. My old gas water heater in my vacation cabin broke down. My water heating gas bills are low, so I do not want to install an expensive tankless water heater. I do, however, want to be able to control it remotely via internet (I have WiFi in the cabin). To my surprise, I failed to find a gas tank water heater with WiFi enabled remote control. Does anyone know of such a model?


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