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bath vanity stub out

John Dirks Jr

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Before I close the wall, now is the time to change the stub out. The drain piping in the wall is 1 1/2 copper and thats a brass fitting.

Should I change to a 1 1/2 stub out and trap? I know the sink tail piece is 1 1/4 but if everything down from that is larger I figure fewer clogs.

What would be your choice in this situation? What size and material stub out and threaded or not?

The first pic is the current stub out. The second pic is the sink drain tail piece.

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Good thing I took it out. The pipe was pitted and ready to leak anyway. I cut it flush then hacked radius cuts in the brass bushing. Vice grips, chisel and a wire brush later and like new and ready for a new stub.

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Same here. I've never understood the smaller size for lav traps; they always get nasty and clog.

My guess is so that it clogs the trap instead of getting into the wall and causing more issues.

It could also be because theres less water going down the drain compared to a kitchen sink so the smaller trap creates more velocity to help keep drain clear.

Or it could just be because somebody cheaped out way back when and everybody else just followed suit.

Personally I install 1 1/2" traps when ever possible

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