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"The sewage ejector pump lid and sump pump lids are sealed in place with Great Stuff Expanding Foam. While this provides an air seal, you'll have a difficult time removing it when maintenance or repairs to the pumps are needed. In addition, a rubber "Fernco Fittings" is in use inside the residence on the sewage ejector pump piping. The only "Fernco Fittings" that should be used inside a residence are supposed to be steel jacketed. This one isn't. It should be replaced with a steel jacketed "Fernco Fitting"

Address is on my website.

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I see on the Fernco site that both the regular and the steel wrapped fittings are only tested for 4.3 PSI. The steel wrapped fittings are designed for "resistance to heavy earth loads and shear forces, and provides improved pipe alignment." I see both fittings installed so frequently I never suspected they were so rated. Thanks to TIJ for the things I learn here.

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