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Chad Fabry

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There is no 110.20 in the 2011 NEC.

Looks like ity should be 110.28.

110.28 Enclosure Types. Enclosures (other than surrounding

fences or walls) of switchboards, panelboards, industrial

control panels, motor control centers, meter sockets,

enclosed switches, transfer switches, power outlets, circuit

breakers, adjustable-speed drive systems, pullout switches,

portable power distribution equipment, termination

boxes, general-purpose transformers, fire pump controllers,

fire pump motors, and motor controllers, rated not

over 600 volts nominal and intended for such locations,

shall be marked with an enclosure-type number as shown

in Table 110.28.Table 110.28 shall be used for selecting these enclosures

for use in specific locations other than hazardous

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