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Polyurethane Foam

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Maybe it was applied from the outside by a DIYer. It does take the appearance of a closed-cell product, one that doesn't expand much. Maybe a small cut into a tiny bit of it to expose the interior would have helped identify it.


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Are you sure it isn't just the canned spray foam like Great Stuff? I wouldn't jump to any conclusions about basement insulation with just that little bit of info.

That's what I think it is. For some reason, folks in Chicago think Great Stuff is for filling cracks and voids in everything, meaning, absolutely everything.

I see it in foundations all the time.

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I think you're talking about Daptex. It's a water-based latex expanding foam that is easier to clean up than the polyurethane foams such as Great Stuff that require acetone to remove. It's designed for air sealing but unlike Great Stuff it won't stop rats and mice and you can't grind it and paint it because it doesn't dry hard.



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