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Aiden's first Halloween

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Well I just had a bunch of fun taken my son out on his first Halloween.

We carved pumpkins yesterday. It was my wife Tina first time to carve a pumpkin. I did the first one Tina did the second one.

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This is Aiden, his Mommy and me as we are headed out.

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Yes I know I look better with the mask on.

Here he is with his sister Haylie and some of here friends at the church Trunk a treat.

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Now he after an pumpkin.

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I had fun watching him have fun

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It's great fun watching them play.

Last night was my daughter's first time trick or treating. She timidly approached the first house, held out her bag and got a giant candy bar. She ran to the next house with a huge smile on her face. We had been working all week to get her to say 'trick or treat', and by house #3 she was shouting it before she even got to the door.

Carving a pink pumpkin: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=465550610154506

Here's my little Go Go girl gettin down:

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Mommy dressed up too:

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My boy, he's 11, was so busy chasing girls I couldn't get him to stand still for a picture.

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I handed out candy on the front porch, heck I had to dive into the good stuff(always buy a little extra candy that the adults like) we had so many little munchkins. We ran out of candy about 7:30pm, turned the lights off and retreated to the safety of our bunker.

We even had a TV production crew roaming down the streets following some family that is part of a new reality show.

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Three or four hundred kids made their way by my house. My wife kind of gets into decorating for Halloween.

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The kids favorite this year was to have their picture taken in the graveyard.

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Last year it was the witch stirring her potion that they wanted a picture with.

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NOW it's time to take it all down. Darn, I have to work and won't be there! Oh well, at least I was there to pass out candy and enjoy the parade of costumes. My favorites are always the creative home made costumes instead of the store bought!


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I mentioned to the spouse last night as we sat in lawn chairs out front waiting for them that Halloween and garage sales - each year the entire subdivision coordinates in a garage sale - offered the only sense of 'community' left in our subdivision.

Those of you with abundant participant in Halloween are lucky.


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Great pics of the kids. Thanks for posting them.

Phillip, your complexion is looking pale. I think you need more sun.

When our kids were young, our neighbors used to put on a pumpkin carving party every year. There'd by upwards of 20-30 kids there, we'd all carve pumpkins, have hayrides, drink hot cider and eat potluck.

Last week, was the 23rd annual party. Due to the party's aging demographic, the youngest kids there were a pair of 16 year olds. Everyone else was in the over 50 bracket. Somehow the sticky-fingered little devils managed to grow up and abandon us.

Enjoy 'em while you've got 'em.

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