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Finally, a phone that works.

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It's called captioned telephone, similiar to closed-captioned television. I don't know why they waited so long to come up with it.

Anyway, made my first sale yesterday after 10 years in this gig. Others were doing that for me before but none were HI's and couldn't sell like one.

It isn't perfect yet. Been working on it for a month. The apps are in beta now but the PC version works decently. I need to work on my pronunciation.

I still can't answer the phone. The caller ID gets the number, I wait for it to stop ringing then I call back. It's better than a phone that doesn't work at all. I hear all the voices but don't understand much. I read it on my laptop screen. Google CAPTEL.

Looking forward to an incline in sales this year. And to learn what accents sound like.


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Hey, Marc, does a recording tell the caller you will be calling them right back? I would hang up and try another number if I did not get a message or answering machine after 6 or 7 rings.

It sounds like a major breakthrough for you and good luck with it.

Good point. It would be good to have some indicator so the individual would understand there's someone paying attention.

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