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White CPVC?

Ben H

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PVC can be used for main supply or for cold distribution lines. PVC should not be used for hot water distribution. Before you call anything out, just make sure what the application is.

To clarify, it is acceptable to use PVC on cold distribution lines and main supply lines.

In Kentucky? PVC isn't allowed in some states for fresh water distribution, including Louisiana.

611.2 Materials Above Ground.

Materials for water distribution and tubing shall be brass, copper water tube. minimum type L, stainless steel water tube minimum Grade H, cast iron pressure pipe, ductile-iron, galvanized steel, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride * (CPVC) or cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) plastic pipe or tubing, all to be installed with approved fittings...

Anyway, to answer Ben...I've never seen CPVC plumbing pipe that was anything but almond.


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