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Builder requires insurance.

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I got a call first thing this morning from a woman seeking an 11 month warranty inspection. During the conversation she said that her builder required proof of insurance and licensing.

I know there was a thread about this recently, I just can't find it.

Maryland requires licensing and in order to get a license you have to have insurance; all of which is easily verifiable from a state website.

If the builder's all that interested, why doesn't he just look it up?

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Whenever we book either a predrywall or preclosing inspection on new construction, we ask for the builder rep's name and email and send them our "builders packet," which consists of our license and insurance information, plus our ASHI membership information. We figure it's easier to be proactive than to wait for them to ask for the information. There are still some builders around here who want to give their clients (and us) a hard time (such as telling the client we will only be allowed two hours to do the final walk-through inspection on a 4000SF house -- don't think so!!). Better to head them off at the pass and not give them a reason to be antagonistic.


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Builder has no leverage for an 11-month warranty. He is tossing his weight around and BS-ing the homeowner.

Some builders down here (Texas) are now requiring signed contracts for 3rd party inspectors to do phase and final inspections (before closing). Their E&O requirements (by one builder anyway) are near $3M, GL is at $4-5M and this same builder also demanded $2M on my truck.

I asked the builder's rep if they had the necessary documents for all the non-English speaking trades running nail guns on their homes under construction ... especially the $2M on their vehicles.

Goes without saying I didn't get an answer.

I also ran everything by my attorney and he just said: "Hell no."

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