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Preparing for an inspection letter

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Does anyone have a document that they send to the seller or seller's agent on how to prepare their home for an inspection that they would like to share.

I what to create a document to send to the listing agent when I schedule an inspection. My thought is to put the document on my when site and send the agent a nice email with the link. This might be good advertising and drive agents and sellers to my site. Also if I am lucky, just once I might have an inspection where the attic hatch is not blocked by tons of clothes and junk in the closest.

I know I could write one myself but it would be nice to not reinvent the wheel if there are several nice documents already written that I could use.

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Unheard of in my area. I tell the buyer that someone needs to be there to unlock the house and I also mention the consequence if the utilities aren't available. That's about it.

I guess some guys elsewhere do have such a letter.


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Not a bad idea to have a standard form to give to the seller and listing agent. Could be used as a marketing tool if you solicit referrals from real estate office.

Include requests like moving personal items out of the way for attic and crawlspace accesses, making sure all utilities are on, taking the pets out of your way, suggesting that the seller leave and not follow you around, etc...

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Here is mine

Preparation for the Inspection

Please make sure that access and utility service is provided for the inspection which includes

but is not limited to:

? Electricity is on

? Water is on

? Gas service is on or propane is available

? Swimming pool is cleaned so that the bottom surface is visible

? Electric panels are free from obstructions (no storage or furniture blocking access)

? All attic access hatches or stairways are free of obstructions.

? Cars are removed from the garage.

? Crawl space hatch is free of obstructions and can be opened by hand (no nails, etc. will

be removed for access).

? All mechanical equipment is accessible. This means all furnaces, air conditioners, water

heaters and other equipment need to have room to visually inspect and remove service


? Pets should be removed or crated.

? Please note that I do not perform WDI (Wood Destroying Insect) reports. This must be

performed by a licensed pest control company. If requested in advance, I usually contact

Bob Brugger with Pesky Pest Control Service 214-383-0071 to perform this service.

? I recommend obtaining a C.L.U.E. report (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange)

on the property. CLUE is a claims history database that the insurance companies use to

determine prior losses on your home. This can be very important if there are past water

or fire claims since insurance may be unavailable or more expensive. If you need

assistance with this process, I recommend contacting your insurance agent or Preferred

Guardian Insurance

http://www.preferredguardian.com/clue_report.php or 972-331-5100.

Please pass this information on to the real estate agents, house resident, and seller. It is

imperative that full access is provided for a complete inspection. If any item is not accessible

due to storage, locked or otherwise secured doors or panels, that item will not be inspected.

During the inspection it is a time for intense scrutiny of the house and its systems and

distractions can be detrimental to the process, so please limit the number of persons at the

inspection to the buyer(s). If family, friends and children want to see the property it would be

best to contact your agent to arrange that at a separate time.

A little long but maybe they will read it.

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Thanks guys, this gives me some idea's.

You would think most agents would know enough to prepare the seller for the inspection but they don't. Too many times to count I have showed up for the inspection and found things like:

- The seller is surprised it well take more than a half hour.

- Cars parked under the attic hatch in the garage.

- Locked storage rooms in the basement.

- Items blocking access to things like the furnace, electrical panel, water heater, etc.

- Animals running loose, kids running loose, kids napping.

Also like I mentioned in the original post I think it would be a good marketing tool. If I send it to the listing agents, many of which do not recommend me, its one more chance to show my professionalism and helpfulness. It can't hurt right?

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