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Large Antennae in the Attic

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I've only been inspecting for about a year and a half but I saw this large antennae in the attic, it looks much newer than anything else in the attic and I can't think of anything it could be hurting I was just wondering if an antennae would properly work in an attic, if so why doesn't every antennae go there?

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Must be a young guy. [:)]

We used to turn our antenna every time somebody changed the channel, because we got signals from three cities, Vancouver, Bellingham and Seattle. Hard to do that in an attic. We had a pipe attached to the front porch.

The signal was ultra-high frequency so it would travel through the roof no problem. But height was important for long distance reception because of the curvature of the earth. The best part of all that was that it was absolutely free.

Mark, I mentioned an antenna in an attic a couple of months ago, I don't know why.

The client sent me an email afterwards, asking how much would it cost to remove it. Sigh. [:)]

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Quite often antennas are found in attics because the condo association won't allow anything on the roof. (either because of appearance requirements or they own the roof)

Now we just see multiple dishes on the roof, but some condos prevent this by requiring cable. (not available in all areas) Some owners get around that by mounting their dish on the deck railings or the side of the house.

Aren't Condo Associations fun?

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In ancient times the network blocked NY Giants football broadcasts in the major metro area. We had antennas pointed to Hartford CT so we could get the games.

So that's where you're from?

What about a name now?

You know who we are.


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Not sure why my name does not show, or my town and state.

John Ghent, ASHI Member since 1980, past press ASHI, inspector since 1979, operated Goldring Home Inspections, Connecticut's Original Home Inspection Company est in 1956 and sold to US Inspect in 2006. Retired and enjoying it.

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