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Look at this great attic remodel!

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So the thread title might be a mite misleading and farcical.

I cruising Facebook during a break from report writing this evening and this article was brought up as a "You might like this" suggestion. I looked at the main picture and the caption and my first reaction was "Oh no this is really going to by f'ed up". After looking at all the pics (I apologize for the several pages of photos now) and reading the comments I realized I'm glad I haven't run into something like this yet. I don't know if I could condemn this to the level required in a report.

And now for your enjoyment (or aggravation)

Attic renovation

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I'm happy to see an access hatch to the unfinished part. I'd like to be the inspector when he tries to sell it.

There have been a number of completely finished attics that I was still quite sure there were major improper structural alterations - and several other issues. "Why there are no plumbing vents through the roof?"

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