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Artography - Train and Tree - 2 images

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I love trains as well. Enjoyed riding the original Empire Builder and Western Star of the Great Northern Railway many times from Montana to Minnesota.

Riding in the dome car on the GNRW Western Star from Fargo (ND) to Culbertson (MT) across North Dakota during a clear sky, full moon, middle of winter with snow is simply gorgeous and entrancing.

Sharing the trip with a lady friend from college made it even more special.

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Thanks for your remarks. The fog made the tracks spooky and I was lucky a train came along right when I got out of the car.

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I worked nights as a Redcap for Amtrak at Chicago's Union Station back in the 70's. It was a summer job and one of my more interesting employs. Wish I had a camera. The station and yard at night was pretty cool.

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Sounds delightful.

I'm doing a speeder run across northern Michigan in late June; otherwise rarely used lines opened up to the rail hobbyists. Should be fun.

Get lots of JPGs and moving clips. Speeders are way cool and there is a serious cult of folks restoring and running those. I've seen some clips from some of the runs.

One was in ND and Montana on the old Soo Line rails.

I'm jealous of that trip you'll be making.

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