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CEB Fuse Panel Conversion


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I have a 200 Amp CEB Fuse Panel. The house was built in the mid 80s.

Is there a kit to convert this to breakers?

Should I be concerned about the safety of this panel?

No idea on both counts.

Get the model number of the fusebox, go to your local electrical supply house and ask them if anyone makes a circuit breaker panelboard that will fit. Better yet, just buy a new breaker panel. They're not that expensive. And after you get done screwing around with the replacement panel, you'll wish that you'd just replaced the entire thing.

As for the second question, I'd need to see a *good* picture.

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CEB is an old Canadian company. Forget about finding parts for a panel conversion. Any CEB breakers you find are antique now.

I sometimes see a fused disconnect with a breaker panel downstream. Fuses for your individual circuits, simply not done in the 1980's, even in Quebec. The builder may have scrounged and recycled an old 50's fuse panel, or grandad had one in a box in the garage. Or maybe your house is older than you think.

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Schneider makes conversion kits for old CEB fuse boxes. If they have one that fits it can save you the trouble of having to refinish the walls around the panel and it is relatively simple to change the inside parts as needed. I have done this many times with smaller CEB panels in an apartment building I manage.

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