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camera holsters

John Dirks Jr

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Like me, I bet some of you wear out stuff like camera cases. I'm pretty picky about being able to have quick draw action. I found these USA Gear radio holsters to work well for me. Velcro flap, stitched belt loop (not clip) and flexible wet suit type material. I love them. They come in various sizes. Check them out if you need camera holsters. I remove the carabiner.

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CTY ... ge_o09_s00

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00C6O ... ge_o03_s00

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The trick is to get a long lanyard that'll go around your neck while allowing the camera in the holster. Really cuts down on camera damage from drops and makes it easy to grab for a quick draw.

Then take your camera to a local leather guy and have him make one big enough to hold the camera and lanyard when not in use.

A good belt clip for ease of on and off the belt.

The magnetic snap opens when I pull on the lanyard. I guess you could use velcro but more effort to open.

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And, Yes, if you're egotistical or just like to brand your stuff, you can have your name stamped on it.

Going on several years now. One of these days I might even polish it up a little but crawl spaces tend to degrade the polish pretty quick.

Did the same (local leather guy) for my "every inspection" tool pouch!

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