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Poly B? In good shape like this?


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No. Just that one unit that they are considering for purchase (if I read your question correctly).

The issues with PB are not limited to the connections. The pipe scales on the inside depending on the chlorine content of the water.


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I don't make a big stink about Polybutylene with copper fittings. They're in a lot of homes without issues or leaks for 20+ years now. If they're using plastic fittings it's not hard to prove why they got their bad rap and I always recommend replacement. I don't usually make a comment about the other units as it's not something I can confirm.

I have polybutylene with copper fittings in my own home and don't loose any sleep over it.

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As I recall, the extent of the problem is heavily dependent on the free chlorine levels in the local water supply, and it affected the plastic fitting far more than the poly itself. Especially on the hot water lines. The fittings were a different type of plastic. Delrin, maybe? I don't recall now but they aren't poly. Copper fittings per se aren't a problem. I don't see much poly here.

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