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Exactly. I've been wanting a Washlet for several years but just couldn't go for the $400 butt spritzer. There's a lot of sales pitches for the Washlet touting why one wants warm water and soothing caresses as they power wash their anus, but so far, tap water temps are fine. $39 was some sort of Prime Special Sale thing. They're usually around $50.

There's a $79 model for "front and rear" should the Missus determine she also wants to be spray cleaned.

Superior Bidet. Can't say enough good things about it. And, it's illegal and a health/life safety hazard. It's got everything.

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Got it...forgot about the check valve in the toilet riser thing. Good point. Danger on the dollar menu...I like it.

Ghent, you warmed to the topic. My proclivity for hot peppers and Sichuan spice precludes the need for warm water. A nice cool refreshment is welcome. Pervert.

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I think this forum should ban discussions of personal hygiene of its members. At this point I know more about Kurt than I ever wanted to know. Despite how hard I try, I'm afraid I will never get certain images out of my head.




a low oval basin used for washing one's genital and anal area."

2 syllables, that's OK, I guess

Do y'all call it a bid-ay or a bidett?

"Proclivity", now that's too many syllables and connotations for this forum. [:-magnify

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