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Exterior Landings


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So, I've got a back door to a new construction house with just steps on the outside of the door. The local AHJ has already blessed it.

There are only two exterior doors: the front door and this door in the pictures.

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There is no landing. The distance from the door opening to the first step is 5 7/8". The steps are both 7 1/4".

Does it need a landing? I think so but the local code guys obviously disagree having already approved it.

R311.3.1 says it does as it is a "required egress door".

Your thoughts on the landing issue and the height differential?

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Uneven risers, no handrail, no landing. That brick riser is a....riser. What's to wonder?

No one's going to change it, I wouldn't beat it to death, and I'd put it in the report because we're supposed to.

Since I ain't busy, I'm gonna beat it a bit more. How does the lack of a landing in this example pose a trip/stumble/fall hazard? One would step down onto the first step, just as one would do when descending a basement stairway.

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If the page you pasted is from your code it is clearly a violation as well as butt ugly. Our state amends every code it adopts, and it grants lots of exceptions like those posted. The two riser thing is usually about garage/house entries.

I think this "flight" is dangerous.

Wonder if you noted what looks like a complete lack of slope on those brick sill rowlocks under the windows.

In my county the building crash caused, in time, a cleanout of the local AHJ inspection staff that left one guy, the most senior, who has trouble reading a newspaper. I don't think he knows how to look anything up in a code book.

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