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I still bring a hard copy of the inspection agreement to the inspection for my client to sign. I e-mail a copy saying "read this,"  because you're going to have to sign a copy of it at the inspection.  Some of the more tech savvy clients sign and send right back to me. But most don't.  Do you use an app that you like to get an electronic signature for your agreement?  Please share.

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I am using eSignToday.com.  I pay $0.50 for each esignature, which is cheaper than having to pay a monthly fee when I don't use it all the time.  With eSignToday.com, I upload my own document where I only need a signature, and then the signature appears on the last page of my document.  Hope this helps.

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Unfortunately, I couldn't find any free apps but there are plenty of apps where you pay $0.50-0.70 for a signature. I think it's not too much but you probably could find smth for a cheaper price. When my mom worked as a doctor in a local hospital, she frequently used electronic signatures when prescribed recipes. Some people were busy and it was easier for them to get them online. She used a guide on https://pdf-to-dxf.com/blog/physicians-signature/ to find a proper website and make a proper electronic signature. It's sad that she left that job...

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