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2 x 4 window headers?


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Yesterday, during a pre-drywall new construction inspection, I noticed that the framed window opening headers were 2 x 4's instead of 2 x 6's or 2 x 8's. The wall thickness is six inches, so there are three 2 x 4's in each header. 

Since this is the first time I've seen this, I wonder if any of my fellow home inspectors have run across this and found it to be an approved practice?

Thanks in advance for any input.




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6 minutes ago, Tom Raymond said:

The actual header is likely at the rim joist.

Did you pull back any insulation?

How would the ceiling load be transferred to a rim joist on a TIJ ceiling?

Take a look at Table R 502.5(1).

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21 hours ago, Chad Fabry said:

3 2x4's aren't in the chart but they're likely up to that task. Look at the plans. 


I deduced that was probably the case as well. It was just a first for me, so I thought I'd bounce it off all you braniacs. Thanks for the input.

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