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Hardieboard steps

Danny Pritchard

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I found this interesting today.These are steps going to a 2nd floor condo unit.I was told these are the homeowners responsibility.The present owner has glued hardieboard to what I would guess is rusted out metal risers.This was the buyers biggest concern.Walking down the stairs after the inspection the hardieboard gave (2nd photo)way under the buyers foot and he almost fell down the stairs.

Danny Pritchard

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif Hardieboard at steps0002.jpg

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Now that most builders have gone through the installation learning curve, many are using it. (Vinyl is still the siding of preference however becauseof lower cost.) I've seen no problems with it, and some I've seen is now 5 years old. On one job I did there was some waviness in a southern exposure, but no one, including the Hardy people, had any explanation for it.

If I were building my own place today and could not afford brick, I'd go with Hardiplank.

-David Lee

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Originally posted by Konrad

Speaking of Hardiplank, what's the overall impression of it? (Obviously the above application is inappropriate)

It's only just beginning to make an appearance around here.

It debuted here about 12-15 years ago. It's now the siding of choice in new construction. Way more Hardiplank goes up than any other single product.

I sided my house with it 12 years ago. It's doing fine. I still occasionally pick scraps out of the mud. After running them through my dishwasher they look fine.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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The feedback from the contractors that I know is generally positive.

Two complaints have been that it can warp and become wavy in certain exposures and it is brittle and cracks if hit hard (especially during cold weather).

Compared to the cost of natural wood siding or brick veneer, it is a reasonable option as an upgrade from vinyl.

I am sure that installation as stair treads is nowhere to be found in the manufacturer's published installation specifications.

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