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Has anyone seen this before?


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I found it in an 80-year-old house this morning. It appears to be a light-bulb socket, however the spiral grooves in the ceramic were reeaally worn. Was this guy the precursor of the night light? I'm fairly certain it's irrelevant, but at one time there was a radiator installed in the same location.


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I'm surprised to see that in a home that is only 80 years old. That was a typical receptacle, before bladed plugs were developed (and way before NEMA was created). I think that may be why some old timers always called any receptacles "sockets". I don't think they were very common after 1910.

Note the "plug" on this toaster:


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During the electrification of rural Michigan, that socket was common until late thirties. There was an agency that supplied the all the parts and a farmer could get them for free and do the work. They had to have an "electrician" make the connection to the pole.

As recently as 1993 I was a member/customer of an electrical co-op that supplied parts, bulbs and repairs for free to all customers. I ran the transmission line on poles from the grid to my house (1/2mi). Shared a meter with a neighbor down the road. Paid my bill once per year.

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