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Chad Fabry

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I agree that it helps to know the geographic location of a user, so that you don't waste your own time answering a question with regionally inappropriate recommendations, but I'm not going to demand that people fill out a profile and lock them out if they don't. When we did that in the past, individual visit hits to TIJ suffered badly and that defeats the purpose of this site. .

TIJ was created so that all inspectors could have a free informational source about the profession, in order to learn all of the ins and outs of this profession, where they could read and learn, and, if desired, share information with one another through the forums, without the need to join some exclusive club (ASHI, NAHI, AII, NACHI).

If some only want to lurk to do that, and thus never participate on the forums, I'm fine with that. If they wish to only state a first name or to use a pseudonym, I'm fine with that. Besides, if they post garbage here or violate the forum rules, I have the ability to track their IP address, in order to find out who they are, and to block them out if necessary.

I think it's fine to suggest folks fill out a profile here in this thread, or to ask someone to tell you where they are geographically before answering a post, but I don't want to see folk constantly demanding that others fill out a profile as a condition of providing an answer to a question.

Some people have personal reasons for not wanting to post their profile. I can't blame them for that. My profile is wide open and I've certainly received my share of hate mail and crap off the web. Doing what I do here, I have to expect it, but I can't blame others for wanting to avoid that.

Besides, I only have so many hours in a day and the amount of time needed to ride herd on those kinds of controls is substantial. If we went to that kind of a system, I'd need to seriously consider making this a fee-paid site. Given the number of other free discussion forums for inspectors that are now out there, and the amount of silliness seen and allowed on those, I don't see that helping TIJ's mission.



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And abusive phone calls! The guy is evil. [:-dev3] Why do think he cares so much about boilers? Never hot enough for him.

Originally posted by inspecthistoric

Just be advised that detailed profiles are subject to e-mails from someone, say in a town between Buffalo and Syracuse, pointing out minor spelling errors. [;)]

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