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Ever had one of those days?

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In '82, we were working a commercial project on a major thoroughfare; about 250,000 cars pass this spot every day. Last day of demolition, dismantling the chute & scaffolding to the dumpster, & something went wrong.

The chute swung out away from the building, detached, & fell completely across 4 lanes of traffic; thankfully, there had been a red light, so all the junk fell right in front of about 400 cars instead of on top of them. Everyone screeched to a halt, & traffic was tied up for about 2 hours while we cleaned up the mess. Nothing like having 1000's of cars honking & flipping you off as the speed by.....

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I like you picture. This machine got stuck in December, the ground around it is wetlands. The DEC made them stop trying to remove it because they were trampeling the wetlands. Then the ground froze solid and they are waiting for spring and DEC permission to get it out.

I check to see if it is still there at least once a week.


Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif buried machine si 12-03 002.jpg

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Two years ago, I was helping a friend dig out a leach line. I had my backhoe set up on the stabilizer legs about a foot from the house and was digging looking for the original line. Next thing I know, I'm waist deep in his hand dug, stone lined septic tank. Here's advice. If you've stuck your backhoe in a septic tank, don't ask any locals for help, because they'll never, ever stop telling the story every time they see you.

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