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corrosion on copper pipes mean future leak?


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I've always thought it was due to not cleaning the pipe after sweating them together ... from the flux.

As far as a future leak, I don't remember ever seeing any that have rotted out.

I wonder if it's a reaction of the copper to the flux, or a reaction of the flux to the copper?

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Originally posted by Les


I am sure there are guys on this board that can twist a better joint than Katen.

All of the joints in the crawlspace looked like this or worse. Next time I'll try twisting one and see what happens.... :) I'll write it up as discovering a leak.

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Twisting may not prove anything,however from what you stated it could be a case of poor workmanship.

I would recommend sanding lightly at the joint connection in order to see if it begins leaking again,but the owner may not appreciate the effort if it does.

One trick might be to place a sheet of toilet tissue against the bottom and see if there is moisture still present.

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Originally posted by Chad Fabry

Yeah... I never know how to respond to Les. He's a Guru with a sense of humor.

Truth is I bet Katen is a highly skilled technician.

"dooooooooooope.......Doooooooooooope.....how come nobody buy doooope......DOOOOOOOOOPE....I sell dope, I sell dope, I sell Doo-oo-oope.....how come nobosy buy doooope......"

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