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What The Heck Is That?

Brian G

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I did a 50 year old house the other day, with some of the original plumbing still in use. Under the bathroom I found something about the diameter of a coffee can (but taller) with the drain lines from the sink and tub run into it. It looks like cast iron and has a flat steel lid on it. Anybody know what this thing is?

P.S. Where do you find instructions for posting photos here?

Brian G.

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After you type in your message. click on the

"Insert a file" link under the text box.

Click on browse, find the location of the photo you want to upload.

Your plumbing sounds like what I have heard called a pan or con trap. I am sure others here that are used to dealing with older houses will be more help.

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Hi Brian,

It sounds like a drum trap. They're common in pre-50's homes here and still used in commercial applications a lot. Think about those round steel covers on restroom floors.

Nasty to deal with when a drain gets clogged, but they will capture things like lost jewelry, rings and coins. Some of them around here are so old that the drain lines going into them are soldered lead.



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Hi to all,

just to add to what has allready been stated, you are looking at a drumtrap, we still see many of these in the north east in older properties. I have seen them made from many materials including cast iron and Brass (If you buy this house I want the salvage rights)

Here are a couple of pics the first is from the CDC (which tells you all you need to know about drumtraps !!)

The second is somewhat surprising as it is from a supply house that can still offer replacement cover for some models !!



Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif 6p69-2.jpg

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Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif drumtrapcleanout.jpg

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I think I know what you are doing. First off, don't do this in the quick reply box - do it by clicking on "reply to topic" and using the standard composition box.

If you are doing that, are you trying to use the photo icon above the composition box when you compose your message and want to attach? IF so DON'T 'cuz it doesn't work.

Are you trying to write a link to your photo using code, the way you create a hot link to a picture in the album section? If so, wipe that process out of your mind. Creating a friendly name for a hyperlink to a website is entirely different process unrelated to uploading a photo.

All you want to do is:

1. go to the area directly below the message composition box and click on the "attach file" that is there with a paperclip beside it.

2. That will pop up a window. Click the 'browse' button and choose the drive, directory, and file where the picture is.

3. Make sure the file is a .jpg file and the file name has no spaces or symbols in it

4. Attach it. Then click 'submit' (or whatever the command is) and let the computer upload it.

5. Return to your message, finish it and submit the whole thing.

Before you begin. Print these instructions.

If none of this makes any sense to you. Go get your daughter and have her teach you how to do it.



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I haven't been using the quick reply or any of that stuff. The instructions look exactly like what I'm doing, but I'll go around again. Could it be something with my computer, settings, etc.?


Thanks for the diagram, I'll look as if I know what I'm talking about, even if I don't. Say, is that pronounced like Jerry or Gary, old chap?

Brian G.

Here goes again.

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif thing.jpg

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Originally posted by Brian G.

Well, that's the second time it said it was successfully posted but then gives you the "page not available" thing. I'm done for now.

Thanks guys.

Brian G.


I have found the file upload does not work with Netscape. I use Explorer to upload stuff.


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Brian! No body else has been having this problem today, Bro!

I'll look things over. Send me the photo and I'll see if I can figure it out. If I can't I know that pesky programmer, Mike B., has probably been sitting back chuckling at me trying to help you with this all day. I'll get him to do it.

Danged programming guys anyway.....



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