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It's been slow, so...

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I was speaking on the phone, well not actually on the phone, but rather using the technology and hardware known as the telephone with Jim Katen yesterday.

After I used him like a personal copy of a talking IRC we chatted about how slow it's been. I said it was so slow that I took an inspection 70 miles away for today (Saturday). What I did not disclose is the fact that I dropped my price fifty bucks from my minimum because the house was 960 square feet and built in 1989. How bad could it be? In and out in a couple hours, easy report and then on to Maker's Mark.

I've attached one photo of about a hundred- twenty.

This photo is the essence of the home. No other is needed.

Image Insert:


333.45 KB uploads/Chad Fabry/200792210439_DSCF0074.JPG

That one was the essence....

This one is if you want to have some fun with the person in the shower.

uploads/Chad Fabry/2007922104729_DSCF0071.JPG

Image Insert:


62.72 KB

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I'm almost always sorry when I cut my price a little just 'cus things are slow. It seems that the folks who ask you to do that also are the most likely to eat up an inordinate amount of your time.

As for the Maker's Mark, I'm no bourbon expert, but I used to enjoy a little Maker's. Then I discovered Woodford Reserve. Very nice; definitely worth trying.

Unless, of course, you are adulterating it with something like Coke...

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Hi John,

It's a j box. The cool "surface mount" wiring and the jbox were both textured into the ceiling for the ultimate built in look.

I have no idea what caused the water stain, The place was a cave and I didn't see it until I looked at the photo.

It's in a basement below a bedroom. If it wasn't 70 miles away I'd go back and find out.

This house was occupied absolutely FULL of the owner's stuff and the owner never left my side the whole time I was there. Luckily, my first marriage prepared me for the verbal onslaught and I was able to engage the skills developed so long ago.

Like riding a bike, once you've learned to tune people out, you never forget how.

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