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If I had a hammer

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I've had service with them for about 8 years; internet and television, and I got the phone service about 9 months ago in order to compare it to my Vonage service. Other than the fact that it took them a long time to come in and hook up my phone, and service goes out during just about ever wind storm when the trees go down on the cable, I haven't had any complaints.

Don't even get me started on Verizon though.



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Originally posted by Erby

"A totally inappropriate response", but I'll bet she sure felt a lot better for having done it!!

No criticism intended but I think it is was an approiate response from the lady and should not be illegal considering the way She and the public are treated after they pay for service and can not get it. I have found how to get quick sugary treatment from these corporate money mongers. When the answering machine gives you options for service just click on "I want to buy more services or pay my bill. You will get connected quick. Then ask for help. They will grudgenly connect you with help. You may not get it but it gets you to a person.

If they can get by with avoiding you and causing you "LONG TERM" mental stress after you have given them your money in good faith for a service you should be justified by getting their attention anyway you can short of bodily harm.

What are your other options. Hire an attorney and spend $5.000 to collect $200. Just does not make sense and they know it.

Paul B.


I have a horror story about AT@T that's been going on for 2 years concerning a $4,000 overcharge to me. Will do later.

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