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Working for Free

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I've been invited to speak at a seminar put on by Lorman.

When I asked what was expected of me and what the pay was I was informed that they don't pay their speakers. The exposure the speakers get, along with the networking opportunities, is the compensation.

Anyone ever done this? Giving up a day of my life for free so that someone else can make money off of what I know is counterintuitive to my very essence. It's bruising my soul as I type.

So, tell me your success stories, how you've parlayed the relationships from a seminar like this into thousands of dollars and how your new found credibility has changed your life.

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Well, not knowing who Lorman is at all, I would really investigate the opportunity.

Contacts and networking can be critical depending on what your goal is.

Chad, remember our phone conversation the other day? Employing those ideas means expanding my contacts, getting to know builders, architects, and whomever it takes to make the new ideas work.

I'd like to look at opportunities like the one presented to you for me.

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I had a call like that two years ago before I moved. I turned it down simply because I did not have the time and they did not compensate me. If it is the same Lorman, they are a big provider of CE for various professions. They charge the attendees $300+ to attend an all day seminar. They are real big in the construction and real estate profession. http://www.lorman.com/

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They charge attendees $300 bucks each but ask the speaker to work for free? Man, that's how you turn a profit.

I might do it if it was close by, I wasn't busy, and the subject was a personal favorite. Short of that, probably not.

Brian G.

Note To Self: Figure Out How to Get Others to Work for Free, & Bill Somebody For Their Efforts [:-mischie

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I've done TV and radio "free," because that's just the way those media work.

I've given a couple presentations at bookstores, as a guest speaker. The presentations were "bundled" with a seminar by a local RE agent, who's also a writer. He wrote, Buyers are Liars and Sellers are Too. My kinda guy.

I did those presentations because I knew the venue (best bookstore in town) and the demographic (educated and affluent).

Long story short: I think it's worth doing such a job for free if you get exposure to the demographic that you want to be your customer base. If the presentation goes well, it could turn into several thousand dollars.

If the demographic is first-time buyers scrounging for down-payment money, and the venue is something like some salespitcher's office, I'd pass. But that's just me.


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Chris, I was asked to speak for them about five years ago. See Scott's post; it's like that. I turned it down as I didn't think the audience was a likely referral source. It also seemed like the audience wouldn't have that great an interest in a home inspection topic, that Lorman was filling the podium.

If you can get a feel for who the attending groups are and work some marketing into your talk, sell home inspections, maybe it's worth the time.

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