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The guy noted the scorch in the report. I'm glad those folks lost that case.

BTW, I have more methylene chloride stuck between my teeth than those folks have in their whole house. Come up and visit Kodak land..aka Solvent City...aka Rochester, NY. I'll show you some organic compounds and fish w/ feet too.

I have to go. My paint stripper is done working, the parts I'm cleaning in solv a sol are ready and the damn oven cleaner needs wiping. I should wash first..hand me that brake parts cleaner wouldja?

Better living through chemicals, Chad

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That is scary. Did the guy perform a lousy inspection? Maybe. Maybe not. He sure as hell is going to pay though. It kinda seems like he should have noted some scorched joists, or something(?), doesn't it?

It seems very clear that the sellers are covering up.


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I just fixed it. The URL was so long that the software wanted to make more room for it, so it wouldn't have to break it. I changed it to a size 1 and now it's fine.

The same thing happens when you string too many smilies together.



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