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Installment 4


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Let's talk about "bonding". What is bonding? What is it's purpose? How is it accomplished? Which components associated with a swimming pool have to be bonded? Is the bond in photo #1 necessary?

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My comments Thursday 5-27-04


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While it's hard to see, the bottom right corner of the 11KW Spa heater has rusted away at the point of the previous connection for the bond wire. You are correct re: bonding of the metal filter case. The NEC requires bonding of all electrical equipment associated with circulation of the pool water. The filter is not electrical equipment. Very good.


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Here's the bonding requirement chart from the NEC. The purpose of bonding is to create and maintain an equal potential electrical plane. So long as the components you simultaneously touch are of the same electrical potential you likely won't be in danger.


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What you're referring to as "plastic piping" is Dek-0-Drain. It's a hollow plastic channel about 1 1/2" wide and 4" deep placed in a concrete pool deck so as to provide surface water drainage to a remote area. In this case the bond wire which was attached to the wire mesh just happened to come up through the concrete next to the Dek-O-Drain after which it was run along the surface to the metal support column. Most of the time the conductor is bugged onto the column below the concrete surface and you have to run a continuity test to verify its presence.


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Originally posted by Martin Lehman


would you actually run a continuity test on a patio cover where the bond to it is under the concrete deck?

If so how do you go about doing it?


You would take one end of the lead and place it on the patio cover.The other end of the lead you would place on the bonding wire. Now when I say bonding wire we are usually talking about somewhere in the vicinity of the pump.

I made a device based on Norm and a gentleman by the name of Burt Silver. It was a fishing rod but the line in the fishing rod was wire. On the base of the fishing rod was an electric meter. At the end of the line (wire) was an alligator clip. I use this for couple years however it was a pain neck.

If I remember correctly I was able to check the bonding of the pool by putting the line in the water and the other alligator clip on a known bonding surface.


miss you Norm

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