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Asbestos Floor Tile

Mike Lamb

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I recall the EPA saying if the material is not cracked, broken, or missing tiles, then leave it, wax it, and don't use abrasive cleaners on it.

This was a few years ago. I think they lifted the recommendation that it be categorically removed from school buildings, didn't they?

I'd run down the EPA statements again to verify.

The University of MN stuff John put up is also useful; U of MN has a number of interesting studies over the years, particularly the one that determined that >95% of all HVAC systems in the United States are either undersized, oversized, have ductwork unsatisfactory for the properties they serve.

IOW, no Manual J's anywhere.........

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Does anyone have any documentation or source that says that the normal use of asbestos containing floor tiles is or is not hazardous?

No one is going to publish that they're "not hazardous". The EPA's asbestos guidelines for homeowners will have some sensible do's And don'ts about dealing with common ACMs in the home, including flooring.

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