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Chad, you da man!

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My name isn't normally associated with democrat anything but my wife is entirely surrounded by some pretty connected liberals. That's how our house was chosen for Chuck to deliver his speech. Truth be told, even though I'm not on board with the "free" money thing, the whole event was really interesting and I met a lot of people that were nice, interesting and surprisingly not as far away from me as I'd thought regarding what's good and bad for the country.

The other reason our home was chosen is because it's old and has a bunch of areas that really look like they could use some weatherstripping. The north side of the house is almost all done but there wasn't a single shot to establish the before and after. They wanted "in need of repair" so they set the podium up on the south side which still has peeling trim and the nice touch of OSB and the wrong storms covering two window openings because the sash are out for restoration. Thank God I at least painted the OSB to match the trim. Right under Chuck's foot is a hole in the porch, courtesy of our new dog who can't stand wood that is even close to being punky and the photog's shot it from multiple angles. One of the channels shot every bad thing and never panned out to show the whole house. I'm surprised the Red Cross hasn't contacted me about a place for me and my family to live.

As I recall I never said to the reporter that the program was a good idea. I said it was a good concept that will be fraught with fraud.

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Jeez, snif [:-weepn]

Not a single plug for TIJ. Grumble [:-gnasher

OT - OF!!!


I realize it's painful, but it simply isn't always about you, Mikey.

It isn't?!! When the hell did that happen?!!

All kidding aside; I'm glad that Chad got his company highlighted, although I'm not sure about this Cash for Caulkers thing. That's a political discussion we don't want to get into here.



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It's only a matter of time before he has Hillary over for tea. Zheesh....

That's funny!

Two or three years ago five Black suburbans flew by my house and into my next door neighbors driveway for a little outdoor get together with Hillary. She was there for about an hour. Even with binoculars, I couldn't find the SS boys in the little patch of woods between us.

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