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Long run of bad luck

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I thought I had a few karma points built up, but I must have been wrong.

-Two weeks ago, fridge goes out. Buy a new one.

-Satuday, my oven goes out (still haven't fixed or replaced it)

-Tonight, my washing machine springs a leak....[:-cry]

I can't win....

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Should have had one of them home warranties if they're older appliances.

But think about this: When we wake up in the morning, we've got it better than 98% of people in the world.

Be glad you have them and can get new ones.

Bill's right. It's how appliances get updated.


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This is deja vu.

My fridge (17yo) started acting up a little more than a month ago and about a week later my wife suggested getting a new one. I now have the second best fridge her money could buy, stainless steel, water and ice, lower freezer drawer. 25 cubic feet. Its huge.

The only plus is that it holds more beer and makes ice as fast as we use it....so what if she sabbotaged the old one, it was white and just sat there.....it better last for the price paid....

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