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Surratt House

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I visited the Surratt House Museum today. It's a place that was associated with John Wilkes Booth and the conspiracy to kill Abraham Lincoln. I forgot my camera and I'm sorry I did.

It was a great tour and I learned some things. The tour guide had been at it for years and years and knew well of the history. Still, there was one thing she wasn't sure of. There is a hole in the second floor ceiling in the stairway area. She said the hole had been there from the beginning. She has heard over the years many suggestions as to what it may have been for but she could not verify anything.

I took the following pictures with my cell phone. I guessed that the hole might have been intended to allow combustion air in from the attic for the houses 8 fireplaces and wood burning kitchen stove.

Anyone know what the hole is for?


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