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Potato Gun

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I prefer Aqua Net hairspray! It really packs a punch!

We made one to shoot corn cobs. They kind of whistle when they are in flight. ;)

Hm. whistling as the come in... kinda sounds like the German WWII fear tactic - screaming dive bombers... I like that.

I suppose that would be a cob launcher, not to be confused with a spud launcher. [:-hspin]

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There was a show on discovery channel, it might have been 'The Secret Life of Machines', where they made a soda can gun. They launched a full can of soda with a table spoon of black powder and it barely made it past the barrel. Then they launched it again with some simple mods and a table spoon of gasoline and sent it several hundred yards.

Some people have the coolest gigs.

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