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Sunken tub


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Judging from the other renovation work, Richard, I would say the chances are slim too. The water pressure was so low up in the attic and the tub filled so slowly that the bath water had cooled down by the time it was half full. Here's a look down at the fabricated steel staircase from the attic to the second floor. They should have put in a spiral staircase.

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I truly thought this was a joke. What kind of dumbass thinks the view in the second photo is just plain groovy? I mean, shouldn't there be some sort of tacky soffit around the bottom of the tacky tub?

I like it!!


Why . . . does this not surprise me?

Because you're odd. Only normal people would be surprised. [;)]


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It is very creative and extremely impractical. Typical 70's hippie style, surprising to see in these modern times.

For a kids room below, sharks teeth on the tub and bomber wings on the ceiling would look neat. Landing gear might be a good idea, actually. [:)]

I'm imagining a stumble down that steep staircase and smacking one's head on that chimney, Ouch! I agree, spiral stairs for a slower, safer tumble.

The buyers will be taking a bath on that place, haha.

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