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clearance to combustibles

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Oil fired boiler. I'm sure I have 'em nailed with less than 18" from several angles but what about where they use sheet metal to block from the wall studs. Does that solve the clearance problem or is it a lame attempt to bend the rules?

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To me it looks like even with that metal "shield", the 18" rule is still in play. Wood is a combustible surface, it is exposed and less than 18" away in your pics. Now let the experts come slap me away:)

I did some digging in my 06 IRC and found a table that allows for reduction in minimum clearances based on the use of certain materials such as sheet metal for one. However, no combination listed allows it to be as close as that one is, right up against the wall like that. Not even L vent on L vent rated appliance. I'm pretty sure it's wrong wrong wrong.

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