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What is this stain?

kimball gray

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This is a oily type substance on the exterior surface of a west facing metal clad insulated door. This door gets hot in the afternoon as there is no shade...The homeowner has lived here 4 years. The door is 10 years old. He has no idea what it could be and neither do I. Any ideas or experience with this?[/size=1]

I used to see it a lot with Stanley steel doors that had plastic trim around the glass. It seemed to be some kind of goop that was used to adhere the plastic trim. I believe it cleans up just fine with paint thinner.

Haven't seen it in years, though.

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What did it taste like?

A little TIJ humor thanks to this post:

I occasionally taste stuff. On Monday, the apartment building I looked at had a streak of brown staining running down the siding below a stairway landing. A whole train of buyers, sellers, agents & managers were following me around and each had an opinion about this stuff. One said it was coffee, another said it was mold; still another said it was deck stain.

I wet the tip of my finger with saliva and rubbed the stain. It dissolved, telling me that the substance was water-soluble. I touched the tip of my finger to my tongue and rolled it around in my mouth. My conclusion: malt liquor that had been in someone's stomach and come back up again.

The group following me thinned out after that.

- Jim Katen in Oregon

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