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microwave install (kitchen saga continues)

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A shopping trip for a new range hood turned into a $600 over the range micro/convection combo.

I'm going out the back with the vent. It has to go through the existing hole that was designed into the brick veneer. They made the hole not centered to the cabinet arrangement so I'm having to wing some custom ductwork to get it vented right. If its 300 CFM, I want 300 CFM to the exterior. Also, the exhaust output for the new unit is several inches higher than the old hood so this is where the custom work comes in.

I'm going to fill some voids with thinset and use some sheet metal fabrication and blocking to make a sealed path for the exhaust. I'll reduce the wall opening after I get all the channeling work done. The thing I'm trying to figure out is how to seal the micro exhaust outlet against the wall when I lift it into place.

I can see how so many of these things are just set up to re-circulate. I dont want to do that. Whatever it takes, I'm routing it outside. Through the roof is out of the question so dont bother commenting on that. There will be a bookshelf above the micro.

What sort of bead of material can I put around the vent on the micro or on the wall to seal the unit when it's lifted and locked in?

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Heres a few more pics of the project in progress.

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John, You'd be done if you'd just have bitten the bullet and removed the cabinets. Working around stuff like that is counter productive. Pun intended.

True dat. Whether it's electrical stuff, plumbing stuff, or a kitchen, it's always easier, and less time consumptive, to abandon what's in place and start from scratch.

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The knife is in deep...proceed the twisting.

You all warned me and you were right. I should have gutted the entire kitchen. When she asked for a new floor, I just could not grasp the entire remodel thing.

I'm bull headed and continue to learn things the hard way sometimes.

On the plus side, you didn't have to move the peanut butter. [:)]

I'm with you on those cabinets. Take them out into the yard, they would have to stay there. $$$

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