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Glass cleaner

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We use ZEP for cleaning and other remediation and have for several years. It is good stuff. Best stuff we have found is the dishwasher cleaner/ drinking glass cleaner in the supermarket. Several brands but it is basically the same as lime away.

You have year around indoor plumbing?

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If the glass is from the '40s it's not safety glass. I'd replace it.

Is there a cutoff time for safety glass? I've got some stuff from the early fifities; it looks tempered, but I can't tell.

Anything before '72 is suspect.

If there's no etching, I'd look for other signs of tempering such as pincer marks or quench marks when viewed through a polarizer.

If I was in doubt, I'd replace it. Soapy, naked people shouldn't be in close proximity to large shards of broken glass.

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