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Once an MP always an MP

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This is way kewl!

Just found out through the retiree underground that the gunstore clerk that became suspicious yesterday in Kileen Texas, and tipped off the authorities, who then captured that little AWOL wannabe terrorist was none other than my old squad leader from 1977 at Camp Red Cloud Korea - Greg Ebert.

Good on ya, Greg! Glad to see you've still got it, you crusty old coot! [;)]

Somewhere on the other side of Kileen is my first permanent party platoon sergeant, Jerry Llewellyn. I get emails from Jerry just about every other day. Got to get down that way for a visit one of these days.



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Interesting. Just read the story hrs ago. Got to wondering why so many dealers ain't noticing anything when them there cartel middlemen buy up assault arms in bulk right under their nose and then this here dealer in Texas opens up to law enforcement on a suspicious buy and saves the day.

Some got a spine and others don't.


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Indeed, once an MP, always an MP. I am retired LEO and see and report stuff all the time. This guy had the Ft. Hood shooter come in 2 years ago, he wasn't about to let it happen again. I heard on the radio the other day that there might be a reward offered to him. Thats all nice and peachy, but the possibility of a reward was the last thing on his mind. He did right and should be proud and thanked.

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